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Flags and graphic design
End of study project

Publishing project of a 15x10x5 cm book during Master Design at École Normale supérieure de Cachan – 2008.
This project’s aim is to analyze the rules and graphic codes of the national flags in order to demonstrate the universal visual system they belong to.
What is a state’s visual identity reffering to and how is it built ? How much does the graphic elements of a flag reflect a country’s culture and ambitions, and deliver a message ?
Is it possible to set up a “visual identity guideline” of the state’s symbols ?
The FLAG! project is an educationnal object book offering to answer these questions in three parts by pointing at key points of the vexillological language.
The concept of the double cover mimics the opening system and leatherette material of flag covers (realised with the help of Éloïse Baille).
Fonts : Cover : Chaumont, by Atelier Chévara / Titles : Lubalin / Text : Skopex

The posters
The book features 5 posters, all reporting a quantitative study about flags. Each poster displays a different background frame related to a particular language.
Heraldry (the study of blazons and coats of arms) is tightly related to vexillology (the study of flags). In the Middle Age, officers of arms were in charge of creating and keeping track of the family blazons. Color was not in use at the time, the officers filled their patterns using a well defined code to figure the coloring:

Small dots for yellow,
Vertical hatching for red,
Small dots combined with vertical hatching for orange, etc.

Serie of alternative covers
Besides the final model that was assembled, a few alternative covers were experimented. While retaining the “Janus” cover design,  these offshoots were made to test different materials and visuals. The approach was to cut out pieces of actual national flags to cover up the other models.

Making-of / handmade bookbinding technique with « saw lines »

Printing: Copygraf – Paris / Ensa Dijon
Bookbinding : Jean Mathiaut / Caroline Saint-Lu / Éloïse Baille, former student of École Estienne
Cover for the final version: Éloïse Baille
Photography © Jean Mathiaut + Félix Bulcourt + Caroline Saint-Lu

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